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Software Beta Testing Resources
Newsletter for beta test listings.
Beta News
Beta test Website and announcements.
Beta Testers
Beta test listings.
File Flash
Beta test listings.
Beta test listings.
German beta test magazine (Games).
Beta Test
Russian beta listing for games.
Beta Report
Beta listings.
Developers Kingdom Beta
Beta software listing.
Beta testing services.
File Forum
Post beta announcements.
Xtreme Testing
Information about beta testing.
Directory of Beta Sites
Directory of beta sites.
Kim Komando's of Beta Sites
Directory of corporate beta sites.
OnlineBeta, a suite of software and service that enable companies to conduct and manage successful product beta tests.
Beta testing services (fee based).
Reliable Software
Independent software testing company offering QA, functional testing, performance testing, usability testing and security testing solutions (fee based).
Merisel Canada
Beta test listings.

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