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How Much Do I Pay For A Sponsored Listing?

In order for BumperSoft to consider your product as a Sponsor Listing in the Directory, you must read and accept the Sponsored Listings Terms of Service.

It only costs $9.95 per month to sponsor your product with signup handled through BumperSoft Software Developers Account's online subscription form. Subscriptions are automatically billed on a monthly basis until cancellation. All fees are non-refundable.

All products listed in the Sponsored Listings section have equal rotation. Once your product is accepted as a Sponsored Listing, your participation in the service will continue for an indefinite period, and your credit card will be billed monthly for your participation.

To subscribe, you need to log in to your Developers Account. Click on "Active" Software Listing. Then click on the "Sponsor" link next to the product you wish to sponsor. You will be asked for your credit card or check information. Your listing starts almost immediately after your payment is approved.

You can then log in to your Developers Account Center and view statistics such as total impressions and click-throughs or product-views of your Sponsored Listing. With this feature available, you will get the best value for your money.

To end your participation in this service, cancel your Sponsored Listing in your Software Developers Account Center. Click on "Active" Software Listing. Then click on the "Downgrade" link next to the product you with to downgrade to normal listing. Upon downgrade, your product listing will be reverted to normal listing on the end of your billing cycle. Timely cancellation eliminates the necessity of billing your credit card for the next month's participation.

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