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What Is A Sponsored Listing?

A Sponsored Listing is a product that has paid for an enhanced listing within the Sponsored Listings section in certain categories of BumperSoft's main Directory of web sites (the Directory) located at The Sponsored Listings program is a fee-based service for products that are already listed in the BumperSoft Directory.

This program is open to all products listed in eligible subcategories in the BumperSoft Directory that have been approved by BumperSoft for this program.

Sponsored Listings appear in a separate, clearly demarcated listing area located on appropriate category pages in the Directory. The module displays a limited number of three Sponsored Listings.

Each Sponsored Listing will be displayed on the category page in equal rotation within the Sponsored Listings section.

That's not all. You get to view statistics such as total product-views and downloads of your Sponsored Listing.

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