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My Software Submission Was Not Being Processed Within Your Time Frame. What Should I Do?

Under certain circumstances, your product's processing time may be delayed.

Every product in the BumperSoft Directory is reviewed by hand and the process of adding a product to the Directory is not automated.

You have two options for submiting your product to BumperSoft.

  • If you would like to be guaranteed to review and response to your submission, please suggest your product using our Speedy Process.

  • Alternately, you can suggest your product using our free basic submission process. Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to guarantee a review of every product submitted through the free submission process. Please do not submit the same product more than one time. We treat multiple submissions as spam, and your account may be suspended.

We want to be as inclusive as possible, but sometimes we have to make tough decisions about what to include. We do not include every product that is submitted to us, and we reserve the right to choose which products we include.

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