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BumperSoft Software Submission Requirements

Last Updated: March 2, 2018

The following requirements are intended to help you understand how we evaluate products during the software submission process. You must read and accept these requirements before submitting a product to BumperSoft.


  • Product Name & Version
    Please be as consistent and descriptive as possible when submitting your product's name and version number. Do not include your publisher name in the title name unless it is officially part of the product's title (i.e. Adobe Photoshop, Real Jukebox). If you have separate versions of the same product (i.e. MP3 Player Free versus MP3 Player Pro), be sure to submit each version separately with the proper name and version number.

  • Short Description
    Please submit your product's synopsis in one short sentence. It should be less than 15 words. We reserve the right to revise your description.

  • Description
    You must submit three or five sentences that clearly describe the product's core features and functionality. We also require you to include any known bugs in the description, as well as information on any bundled items that are included in the downloadable file. If you are updating an existing product on our sites, please provide one to two sentences describing specifically what is new in the update (i.e. Version 3.8 lets you import and export downloads lists and operate triggered sounds). We reserve the right to request that you resubmit a different description if we feel that your submitted description does not meet our standards. We also reserve the right to revise your description or replace it with our own product review.

  • Category
    Choose a single category that best fits the nature of your product. Under most circumstances, we will approve your initial category request, however, we reserve the right to re-categorize your product.

  • Download Links/Hosting
    You must provide a download link that will immediately initiate the file download upon execution of the link. We do not generally accept submissions that link to an e-mail or information capture form. Please ensure that your download link is valid. BumperSoft does not host files on our own servers.

  • Functionality Limitations
    If your trial software has any limitations that are not included in the full version of the product, please list them here (30-day trial, print-disabled, registration reminder). It is your responsibility to disclose the functional limitations of your product to our users, we reserve the right to review, revise or remove any information about functional limitations.

  • Keywords
    You may submit up to 15 relevant keywords that accurately describe your product and thereby improve your product's ranking in our site search functions. Please use a comma to separate your keywords.

  • Affiliate Program URL
    If you use RegNow Affiliate Program, Share-it, or Sellerate, let us know. Enter the linking information and we'll get you set up with a "Buy Registered Version Online" button. That's not all...

    Your product listing will appear in our weekly newsletter - 5,000 subscribers and still growing.


  1. Software Bundling
  • You must fully disclose in the product description the existence of all separate software items included or bundled with your product's downloadable file. This include any add-on that you or any other third-party has included which is not part of the downloadable files main functionalities. BumperSoft Networks reserves the right to alter or replace all product descriptions on our site.

    Example: NetSonic includes Web3000, a utility delivering advertisements to the program interface via browser pop-ups.

  • The downloadable file's installation routine and documentation must fully disclose and clearly explain the nature of all separate software components that are included or bundled in the downloadable file. The names of all separate software components must be displayed prominently within the installation dialog boxes as well as in any end user license agreement.

    Example: SaveNow receives its own dialog screen within an installation routine to disclose its existence in the bundle.

  • All software installers must provide end users with an opportunity to cancel the installation process after disclosing the presence and nature of separate software components that are included or bundled in the downloadable file.

  • BumperSoft Networks strongly recommends that software publishers give end users an opportunity to opt out of installing any separate software components when installing the downloadable file.

    Example: BearShare lets end users select what they want to install.

  • Product installers must allow end users to remove all separate software components included or bundled with the original installation.
  1. Viruses
  • You represent and warrant that files submitted through BumperSoft are virus-free. If BumperSoft Networks suspects or discovers a virus in a file listed in its library. BumperSoft Networks will suspend any associated listings until you provide a new virus-free file, warrant that your product(s) is virus free and affirm that you have made necessary changes to your release process to that viruses are not reintroduced.
  1. Beta Releases
  • In most cases we only accept submissions for stable, non-beta versions of software. If you send us a submission for an alpha, beta or other unstable product release, we will more than likely decline your submission.
  1. Copyright & Trademark Issues
  • Our goal is that the BumperSoft Downloads library will only contain products that are from publishers who hold the legal copyright and/or trademark rights for those products. If we determine that someone other than the legal copyright/trademark holder (or his or her official agent) submitted a product, we will suspend the product listing. If you do not hold the copyright and/or trademark for the product(s) you are submitting, but have documented permission from the trademark or copyright holder, please submit written evidence of your permission with your product. We will review your evidence as part of our software evaluation process.
  1. Product Duplication
  • BumperSoft does not allow you to submit multiple, separate listings for the same product. We reserve the right to suspend any duplicate listings that we find on our download sites.
  1. Non-English Applications and/or Submissions
  • At this time we accept only products for English-language users and your submissions must be completed in English. We do not provide in-house translation service for submissions submitted in languages other than English.
  1. Functional Demos
  • Generally we accept only functional demos, which give the user the chance to use more than 75 percent of the product's features. We will not accept slide shows of a product or self-running demos.
  1. Product Quality
  • We reserve the right to decline a product if it doesn't meet our quality standards. Problems associated with products that we may not accept include the following:
    • Software with reliability or stability issues

    • Inappropriate material (i.e. we don't accept titles with sexually explicit material or offensive content.)

    • Malicious hacking utilities or blatant spamware tools (such as e-mail extraction programs)

If we determine in our sole discretion that you have not complied with these requirements, we will contact you. In the event that we cannot reach a resolution to bring your product into compliance with these requirements within in a commercially reasonable manner, we will remove the product from the BumperSoft Downloads library.

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